Dorothy Marshall

Dorothy Marshall

Dorothy Marshall

In 1976, she recognized the need for a standard of educational practice in the health field of reflexology and this led her to become the founding President for the Reflexology Association of Canada (RAC). Once developed and in place, she turned RAC over to others to operate and it still exists today as one of Canada’s recognized organizations for reflexology training and professional development.

By 1980, many people were asking her to start a school to teach nutrition, herbs, reflexology, homeopathy and iridology. To meet this need to help educate others, she initiated the foundation of a not-for-profit organization called the Canadian College of Natural Healing, which began to set defined benchmarks for educational development and standards in Natural Health Therapies, such as acupuncture, herbal medicine, iridology, massage, nutrition, reflexology and oriental acupressure. Coincidently, she continued to grow her natural health clinic and become known internationally as a progressive speaker and educator in the field of natural health.

In 1984, she joined the Advisory Board for the International Committee of Candida Research (Greece)
and in 1989 was the Co-Host/Organizer for the World Congress of Health held in Ottawa.

She is a recipient of the following International Awards:

In 1987 she was recognized for her extensive contributions to health education and when in Denmark
attending a world health conference was granted her honorary Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D.), by the
worldwide body Medicina Alternativa International,(an organization registered with the UN Assembly).
At this time, it was an organization with over 100,000 members from all parts of the globe, founded in
1962 in Alma Ata, Khazakhstan U.S.S.R and subsequently relocated to Sri Lanka.

Dorothy was a recipient of the Portugal Medal for Health Sciences, presented by Ministry of Health for
her educational contributions.

Subsequently she was awarded The Dag Hammarskjold medal ( named after the former Secretary-
General, United Nations) and the Star of Asia, of which only two are awarded worldwide, annually, for
International recognition as an authority on Nutrition and Natural Health Therapies.

Following that she received the CD Award from Medicina Alternativa International recognizing her
tenure in bringing natural health education to many countries. An example cited was her work in St.
Lucia, where as a Clinic Director, she taught local women basic nutrition and life skills to help their
families and trained others to use reflexology and nutrition to continue to help the community
afterwards. She replicated this work in Cuba, as well.

She was also a repeat lecturer on issues of health in the USSR – Moscow/Russia, Georgia, Alma-Ata/Kazakhstan. Her lecture at the large ‘All Union Cancer Research Centre’ which was hosted by Dr. Alexander Chaklin, Deputy Chief of Soviet Medical Societies and also the ‘Vishnevsky Institute’, headed by Dr. Genady Serogin, was a noted memorable event for all in attendance.

Throughout her life, she has continued in her quest to help develop natural health education. Recognizing the need for formal training in the Ottawa Valley for massage therapy, she initiated the founding of the International Academy of Massage in 1998, which programming was approved by both the regulating body, the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario and the Ministry of Education. Then again in 2005, she identified the increasing awareness of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practices and the future need for trained practitioners, who could interweave Eastern and Western Therapies in the care of their clients. This led to the founding of the International Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

During the period 2000-2003 Dorothy was the first Canadian natural health practitioner to become actively engaged in the study of Mycology, in association with the Mycology Research Laboratories (London-Portugal) and their international group of medical associates. This important work was to create a scientific base for the clinical use of mushroom products for symptoms of chronic fatigue, liver/kidney disorders and overall immune deficiency.

Along the way, she has found time to write and has been a contributing author to two published health
related guidebooks for the general public.  – The All-In-One Guide to Natural Health Remedies and
Supplements, 2000 ISBN 1-886508-28-3 Contributing Author – The All-In-One Guide to Attention Deficit
Disorder & Hyperactivity, 2001 ISBN 1-886508-29-01.

An active involvement has always been maintained through her quietly contributing to the local community and her support to charitable and community events, which has been evidenced over the years and continues today, through the International Academy practices to support major Community events on a voluntary basis. A favorite event was the Labatt’s Relay for CHEO/Royal Ottawa Hospital. An event she gave her time, energy and organizational expertise to, for 14 years, as she sponsored and organized the 20-30 therapists required each year to treat the runners and volunteers of this very successful event.

In her role as a health educator, she continues to provide knowledge and guidance to her many clients, some who will still travel a great distance, e.g. Israel and Iceland, to see her. She also continues to oversee the operations of all three schools on a daily basis, along with the professional team at the Marshall Health Clinic.